Cork Dork Series – Part Three

Miraval Rosé 

Brad and Angie’s Provence grown, coveted bottle. 

It’s over my normal under $20 budget. On my latest trip to Cost Plus World Market- I was able to justify the splurge bottle by buying four bottles for $65 total.  That keeps me at an average of $16.25 per bottle – including tax. 

Brad and Angie, Brad and Brooke

Some of the similarities between us: we’ve both made a dry Rosé wine from an estate vineyard. 

Some of the differences: France v. Colorado, we aren’t movie stars or Oscar winners. 

This wine lived up to the hype!

It was pale salmon colored. Rose petals and lemon peel aroma.  Light, clean and crisp.  The mouthfeel was the most impressive part, so very round.  It filled the entire mouth with circles of flavor.  A vanilla cream finish.  two thumbs up!
Happy Friday, Go Broncos!



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